Most frequent questions and answers

If you buy a package of service you will be contacted via email.

You will receive an agreement specifying the details of the service, including milestones and deadlines.

You are offered the possibility to discuss the details via email, chat or online call.

The service can be considered accepted if the agreement is signed by both parties – if for some reason the agreement is not signed, you will receive the purchase price back.

You do not have to use the hours in the package at once. You have the option to roll the working hours for 3 months after the date of purchase. You will get notifications, so you will not forget.

For hourly packages you may decide after receiving a report on 2 hours of work whether you wish to continue or not.  If you decide not to continue with the service, you will receive back the purchase price minus the costs of the 2 working hours.

This does not apply for fixed priced packages.

You will receive a report via email on the used hours and the work completed at the end of each working day or as it is specified in the agreement. 

We encourage you to buy another package, but you can reach out to us any time to discuss the details to further work, we are always happy to help.

Please send us an email or a chat message with the details of what you have in mind and we can discuss via email, chat or online call how we can help you.